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Create multisign

Create multisign with 3 wallets and 2 need signers (3 of 2)

One of the new features of ZEUS and Electron Wallet 0.1.3 is the ability to use multi-signature wallets. Here is a basic process of its use.

What is a MultiSig wallet?



  • Last version of Electron Wallet. I use here version 0.1.3
  • SO compatible with wallet: Wndows, Linux and Mac.
  • Other wallets or persons to sign

Create wallets.

The first step is to create a new wallet. In this guide, a test will be done with 3 wallets where it will only be necessary to sign with two of them.

Select Multi-signature wallet

In this section is where you select the type of multi-signature wallet. It is possible to make multiple possible variants, but here we will do the usual 2 out of 3.

  • Total cosigners: 3
  • Requiere signatures: 2

For the example I will create 3 wallets with 3 new seeds

Very important to make a secure copy of the words or the funds in the generated wallet could be lost.

Master public key is what you need to add to the other wallets to form the multisign wallet.

When adding cosigners it is necessary that the other two wallets tell you their master public key to continue creating the multisign wallet.

IMPORTANT: Never pass the seed to anyone, only the master public key.

Create a good password to encrypt your wallet

Example used in guide

These are the data for the wallet that I have created for the guide and can be used to review it

  • SEED 1: tumble cage van bind device party shoe rail valid canal witness dial

masterpub-key: xpub6CCA12nJkoBPVtZUswdEnVT9LR87zxutoKpSpA4crx9khyuupX4qsuWyswbZub63Dqhz7hRYfRZt4oPd6D9yherrjUYcmQmdguas99FcW5x

  • SEED 2: avocado tuition asthma wine solar garbage limb play example hybrid unaware loud

masterpub-key: xpub6D2CVbotwBsk7czNJQjKKWWa993PjTBJHG9fHV54yXoiPVPCZZwp6JNYUFD2PJQWfUAgjqueVwwx8nqfspGHYfmRj6FN1LCNz3wmK3hGiNR

  • SEED 3: drift kitten flash alter update program island slide leisure youth spider diet

masterpub-key: xpub6DJgWZhSCwU8VWQxnzpUky18gH9ZtvesYac2rVsbuyyeDyVsBxdgXF3GUDiic73eFsf5ioZTgwKRwyv4HLACjmnKQS3Pn4j9zhWFce3hmiG

The three wallets would look as shown in the image. The addresses of all the multi-signature wallets start with 3, this is correct.

Send RXD to test wallet

I have sent 10.5 rxd for testing to the address: 3Be9yJ3qBuHVwEsCbptmxVykRhQcXwThC4

When receiving funds in the first direction, all wallets display the message to receive funds at the same time.

And here you would see it in the wallets

Test multisign wallet

Now it's time for the sending process with the signature of two wallets. A destination address is selected and the amount to be sent. This part does not change.

The change is made when you click on send and a window appears with the transaction data. You can see that there is a signature of two and that it has been transferred to the network.

For the signature in another of the two wallets, it is necessary to copy the transaction as shown in the picture below

And in the wallet of one of the other two wallets go to: TOOLS > LOAD TRANSACTION > FROM TEXT

Here is pasted the transaction copied from the wallet that generated the sending

Once accepted, a window with the transaction will pop up. Check that everything is OK and then click on Sign and Broadcast to send to the network.

If all goes well, the window with the generated TX will be displayed

And in all the wallets you will be able to see how the funds go to the selected address.


In wallet information appears data of the wallets involved in the multi-signature.


And this is the process for multisigning in Radiant from Electron-Wallet 0.1.3